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Copy and then Paste many records at once

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I have a table that is really just a temporary catch all for several records. This table will usually have 1-12 records in it. Once these records are edited (by hand or script), I want to be able to, by script, copy all of the records in this table and paste them into another table (the table has the same field names). Then I would like to clear all the data/records in the temporary table. How can I do this? A person could copy all records, but there isn't an option to paste all records.


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By importing between tables as you suggested you self! The technique is to make a found set in one table and then execute a script that imports to another. I could here share some really heretic knowledge, but it's may corrupt your relational designs, way before you really get the hang of them!

But you should not use older techniques including saving the clipboard in order to use the Copy and Paste commands, they're not needed. ValuelistItems and Imports between tables solves at least 90% of the issues - if not all???

Then is there another issue, it isn't particular normalized to have random information stored several places in a solution - Normalization seek to keep info in just one place to ensure integrity ...Imagine update in one place but something intervenes and prevent you from updating at the other locations of the same (redundant) data.

But suppose you have a contract containing 30 lines of rented equipment, and the customer asks for the same as last time ...then are the imports right on the target.


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This topic is 6643 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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