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Value list to act like html


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I have a restaurant database with a value list (based on another database) for cuisines. On the web I use their codes (as opposed to their names) to avoid any overlap in the search between, say "Chinese/American" and "American."

So the way the database works is that you check the cuisine(s) in a field. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how I could get another field to have the ID numbers from these cuisines in it (like the way that html checkboxes have a value that is shown to the user and a different value of the box itself), perhaps separated by a colon.

A looping script would be fine, I only need to get these values occasionally.

Thanks for any help you could offer...

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Your question is a bit vague but, I am going to try to answer your question by filling in some of the blanks with what I assume you are attempting to achieve.

It sounds like you are trying to display the ID of a cuisine that you checked off in a value list.


If I check off "American" in one field from a value list, It will display the ID # of "American" in another field...

The big trick here is you are taking a return delimited value list stored in a single field, and attempting to match this via a relationship to another table to then return a list of the related ID #s.

I believe you can at the very least try to make this work if you treat the field that stores the checked off cuisine(s) as a multi-key and use this field to be your related link to your cuisine table.

As for having some sort of field with delimited information returned to display the ID#'s, I suppose you could refer to some of the posts that have to do with returning a valuelist via a relationship in a calculation field... I'm a little fuzzy on this at the moment, but perhaps somone else can fill in the blank on this portion?

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This topic is 6627 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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