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Running a Photoshop action from Filemaker

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I'm sure this is posible have you posted this question is the scripting and AppleScript section. I would think that would be a better forum for your question. I'm assuming of course your on a Mac.

I used to be a pre press technician and I was talking with a friend that got new position with a high end fantasy card printer. They kept their text in FM and married the photos from Photoshop and the text from FM in Quark all done via AppleScripts. It seemed really amazing at the time because I hadn't heard of anyone doing that at the time (early 90's).

Best of luck and sorry I couldn't really help.


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As Ken indicated, you need to figure out the AppleScript end of the equation first. If you can write an AppleScript which will do what you want (and Photoshop is very scriptable) then you can call that script from FileMaker (via a FileMaker script) and get the job done.

The first thing to look at is Photoshop's Scripting Library, done by opening the AppleScript Script Editor, then (if I remember right) going to File-->Open Library and selecting the Photoshop application, which will show you all the commands which are available in Photoshop.


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This topic is 6635 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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