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How to generate a report of invoices by month?

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Hello everyone,

I need to find out if there is a way to generate a report that will be run overnight (due to the size) by customer# and month. The report will be generated from invoices, and will show what the customer ordered and in what month it was ordered. Can a print button be assigned a script to run this report once a month?

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I don't see why this report would take that long to run. How many total line items and how many line items per month are there? (I say line items because if you want details of what was ordered, this report is best run from the Line Items file.)

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The report takes so long because of pictures that need to be printed by corel draw and inserted into this report, pictures are of the finished product. The procedure right now is a back and forth type of method.First a report is generated of invoices sorted by supplier# and month, then using that as a key,we go back to corel to find the picture of their finished product to print, then on to the next invoice and picture, etc. There are about 10-15 line items per invoice.


Have a report of invoices that shows customer name, linked by SAP# and Product#, sort by month, insert picture in sequence with invoice ID#, with a print button that is run by a script. This way we won't have to collate over 500 pictures with their correct invoice printout individually.


1. Supplier and customer databases are not seeing each other, customer name is not coming up on report or invoice.

2. How to do a supplier to many line items relationship?

3. How to insert a corel draw picture?

4. How to script a print button to do this manually?

Thanks for any responses generated!!!

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This topic is 6622 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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