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Help with a field

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First post here so hopefully someone can help me!

I track machine downtime at my facilty here and Im having trouble getting a calculation to work. I have a field that is for determining what shift a machine went down, either first or second. My boss wants me to make 2 fields that count how many occurances each shift had, (one for first, one for second) on the bottom of my report.

Example :

2/1/2005 We had 20 Occurances between the 2 shifts.

12 of them were first, 8 on second. I want filemaker to sort thru the shift field into 2 seperate boxes typing them automatically.

Ive tried a few scripts/calculations but it wont add up the shifts, it only counts 1 record so my two fields both just say one adding up to two records, instead of the full 20.

First thing I tried was make a total of 4 fields, 2 calculations, 2 number fields. One calc for First shift totals, using the if( command but with no luck.

So once again, I want to look into a field that either has a 1 or a 2 and have filemaker tell me how many 1's there are and how many 2's there are in two diffrent fields.

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This topic is 6626 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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