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My real job is Graphic Designer (sorry for my bad English)

Here is the Idea

I have design (And Copy) the last 2 years over a 3.000 Graphic Elements (GE) with Over A 500.000 VARIANTS

I wrote an automation with applescript Quickeys And Serious Photoshop Action to make the production of Defferent Colours and Sizes

The reason is to have a table or a file with this Graphic Elements in and relation them with Global fields in any of my databases

The format is PNG the only format that support tranparency.

I seperate the Huge collection with these categories





PopUp Menus Down

PopUp Menus UP & Down

Check Boxs


CD Player





Text Labels

Text Fields

Search Fields

Tabs (Big, Mid, Small)


Procces Status

Arrows on Buttons

All the Graphic Elements is from Technically view in very very high quality.

You can insert (not paste) a Button or any GE you want and put it on any background to see what I mean.

The buttons comes with various sizes from 25 to 325 pixels (5pixels per size) to help the developer

The Button logic "Right side" "middle" "right side" is LOST TIME for everyone. You have to redesign the button who know s how many times....!

The concept is to share with you All my Graphics Elements and 5 or 10 developers of you COLLABORATE to make a file with few tables and right structure to manage them and find a logic to relation them with any main database. Sorry But i M not not so good FM developer

I upload a few samples of my work to see the quality.

If you agree with the concept I can upload 1000 GE per Day to Share them With this FM Community

What do you thing?

George Toubalis

Art Director


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This topic is 6610 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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