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Preset text in a global

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this might be an easy one but I can't seem to hit it on the head. I have an invoice DB and I want to email the tracking numbers to the customer. The message is mostly the same but sometimes they need to modify it. So I made a global and typed in the message. However, It is only temp. When I shut down and open it again, the field is empty. However, I have another set of globals that do the same thing. I had put text in it about a month ago and the text is still in it. But I found a typo. I changed it, but when I open it again, it is the old text. So,I am guessing that some are stored and some aren't. HOw is this doing it? What am I not seeing here?

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This is normal when working with FileMaker files hosted on a separate server. Each network user has their own copy of each global variable. These copies are initialized to whatever value the field had when it was last edited in single-user mode.

If you want to make permanent changes to a global field, you need to open the file directly, not via Filemaker networking, and make the desired changes.

If you want to avoid this behavior, you can use a script to assign the desired value to the global fields when the database is opened.

If you want to allow users to edit the contents of global fields, you can create pseudo-globals by making a table with a single record to hold the values, and creating a relationship between one of your regular tables and the pseudo-globals table.

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This topic is 6605 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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