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Search relationship based on left side Global


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Hi All,

I have a relationship which is based on a calculation field which combines a text and a global field in the parent, to a text field in the child file. This allows me to have my portal display different subsets of records for each parent as elected by the user. The relationship and portal work perfectly and all the valid records appear when the global is changed.

What I can't do is a search on any of the fields in the portal for this relationship, it always says there are no matches.

Can anyone explain this to me?

Thanks... Sean!

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This may be a bug in version 7 of filemaker.

I know that in version 6 there are similar searching issues when attempting to do a search in a number field via a relationship where the numeric data is stored in the child file. If you do this in version 6 and try to use: >, <, or = combined with a number it does not work very well if at all. This issue may have carried over into version 7 I am guessing.

The trick to getting around this problem is to do your searching directly in the child file instead. Then use a looping script to mark records in the parent from the child via a relationship from the child to the parent. In this way you can bring yourself back to the parent and display you found set of parent records. This is helpful if you only want to show 1 occurance for each of the child records.

Another way is to display your data from the parent in the child file via a relationship after you have found your set of records in the child. And if needed omitted the duplicate child records in order to show 1 record per occurance to represent the single parent record.

In the end it really just depends on what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Hope this helps!

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This topic is 6600 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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