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Sorting male female every other one

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Is there a way to sort my student records so that they alternate male, female.

[ February 06, 2002, 03:31 PM: Message edited by: jlazyr ]

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Try this idea:

Make a field in the database, lets call it "sortfield".

Find all the males in the database (you need to have a way to identify males and females) and sort them however you want.

In the found set, perform a Replace by serial number, start at 1 and increment by 2 so the males are all the odd numbers.

Perform a find for all the females, sort the records, perform a replace by serial number starting at 2 and incrementing by 2 so they have all the even numbers.

Now sort the database by the sort field. The males and females sound be interleaved with males first.

LIMITATIONS: because this method relies heavily on the Replace command, it could fail in multi-user environment. The method described should work for all records, it may also work for a subset of the records.

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