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Chipped letters at the end of right margin.


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Hello there. I'm stumped with a little bug that I can't seem to resolve. Here it is:

In a Standard Form Layout, I am using a lot of justified text (not in a field, just text on the layout) and some Merged Fields. In Layout Mode, the text is fine and within the boundaries.

But in a few lines in Browse and Preview Modes, the right side of the last letter is incomplete.. Picture this: what should be the letter 'O' comes out looking like a 'C' instead. To top it off, it also prints that way.

So, text wanders off the print margins in Browse and Preview Modes, as well as on the printed page. Has anybody bumped into this problem before?

Hey, thank you.

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Could be that the text lays in the non-printing margin. This is determioned by the printer selected for the current page setup.

Try defining fixed margins for the layout that are greater than 1.5 cm all around. This should be well inside any printer even inkjet which typically have a larger bottom margin.

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Thank you, let the troubleshooting commence, I hope we can work this out.

Good advice, Vaughn, but my margins were already fixed.

For lack of better terms, and a need to explain my predicament, let's call the text that's put on a page the Text Box, the edges of which are boundaries, while the margins concern page and paper.

I have 2.3 cms fixed margins on either side and the Text Box is 16.6 cms wide, centered in the page, so that there is about 0.2 cms leeway from the Text Box to either fixed margin. In simpler terms, the boundaries are well within the margins. Up and down margins seem to be no problem.

The text within the Text Box is justified. The problem recurrs in different circumstances. In one page, one Text Box, I have three consecutive Merged Fields, and the problem arises. In another page, another Text Box, there are no Merged Fields, yet the problem is also there. And the funny thing is, the problem pops up in only a couple of lines in some pages.

I have increased the fixed margins AND the Text Box size.

I have decreased the Text Box size.

I have erased the text and typed again.

I have shortened and lengthened the content of the text.

I have even changed the font.

Nothing works. The only thing that works is UNJUSTIFYING the text, since the text nudges to the left and away from the boundary, but that's not an option, as I need the text justified, and by Jove, Filemaker shouldn't be doing this!!!

Any ideas? I've fiddled with everything I can think of, and am fresh out of tricks. Help!

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This topic is 6938 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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