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Mac solution on PC


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I've been developing a rather large soultion entirely on mac in FM7 with but the goal is for it to be used on both PC and Mac. When i was finished on my mac a took the solution to a PC and everything worked excpeted for the graphics, they where all of. Text wouldn't fit on buttons and in fields and so on. So i fixed it. Then i took the PC-file to the pc and network where it should be in use. Here again all the text where changed this time it even looked like an other font than the original one (Helvetica).

Plus that some scripts didn't work but this I have not looked further into yet. For exampel it seemed like when i had used Get ( LastMessageChoice ) number 1 was suddenly number 2 and so on!

Is there anyway to lock the finished Mac or PC version so that it will always look and work like that? Otherwise FM7 is rather worthless for distributing solutions to customers.

One problem might be that I have been developing with the english version and the PC and netwrok had the swedish version of FM7. But that should not matter. According to me.


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For cross-platform layouts, always leave a little extra room for text, (Windows is 96dpi display, while Mac is 72dpi) and make sure the same font is available on all platforms, to avoid font substitution. (Arial is a good generic choice.)

If you really want different platform specific layouts in the same file, you'll have to control this using Get(SystemPlatform) with your scripted navigation.

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I like Verdana. It seems to be almost the same of both platforms (it is a little wide and clunky on a Mac, but always readable for that reason; it also has an annoyingly low baseline, but so does Arial and many others). I use either small Arial or Times New Roman for printing. There may be a better one.

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This topic is 6679 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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