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Script Crashes when no records exist

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I am a psychiatrist and have written a file to manage my office. I have nearly brought my office management project to the point where I can use and depend on it except that a couple decisions I have made resulted in a problem I have not been able to solve. In short I have split the transactions into current transactions and previous (prior months) in order to make picking up the prior balance easier. However, this has complicated a script which runs through all the patients (a loop) and prints only those statements for patients with a positive balance. The script does strange things when it does not find a record in the current transactions table, specifically it winds up at the very last record (about #100) even though there are some in between that have positive balances and some between that have 0 balance but have transaction records, and I have been unable to write anything that successfully gets around this. I have tried using the Get (found set) calculation to go to the next record or to loop back (and essentially do the same thing) without success. My efforts at fixing the problem either result in no apparent change or in a endless loop which can only be ended by an escape command or dumps me out to one of the layouts exiting the script but does not go to the next record where there is in fact a record. Any advice?

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This topic is 6674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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