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Not sure where to post this question: I would like my FileMaker runtime application to open to a specific size of W-831 H-579. The actual database maximizes itself when the program is opened and will appear 'perfect' if the actual runtime window is that size. Otherwise there is tons of white space.

I tried to do this via a script and also with the shortcut icon (put in a parameter to size the application). Not really sure what to put in the script OR the shortcut target field to make this work.

ANY ideas? THANKS!

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Via a windows shortcut there is a little you can do. But it is not "sticky" if you or someone else resizes the window while it is running and then closes it down it will reopen at the size at which it closes down.

Take your runtime windows off maximize and then resize it to the size you want and close it down.

Set the shortcut to open in normal window. It will then open the file at the size at which you shut it down.

The other possibility is to open your runtime application from a script file, AutoIt3 for example will allow you to specify window sizes. I am not familiar with VBScript but I would guess that will do the same.

An AutoIt3 script to do this - application filename - AppName; window title when running - WinTitle

Run ("Appname") -- you can also specify a working directory.

WinWaitActive("Wintitle") -- wait until the window of the app is active.

WinMove("Wintitle","",x,y,831,579) -- x and y are the coordinates of the top left corner of the window.

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This topic is 6673 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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