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FileMaker7, ODBC, config on MacOSX

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***My problem:*** [OS X (10.3.9) client, FileMaker Pro 7v.3, Office for Mac X (v. 10.1.6), Microsoft Query, firewall disabled, TCP/IP enabled in FileMaker 7]

***My goal:***

Installing and configuring ODBC drivers for Mac OS X (Panther) for use with Microsoft Excel (updated to X.1.6). Specifically, I want to use my FileMaker Pro 7 database as a data source for Microsoft Excel files. Generally, I'm looking to troubleshoot ODBC installation and configuration in OSX for use with PHP, Oracle and other solutions where FileMaker may be a client or a data source.

****My process:****

1.) Clean install of FileMaker 7v.3 Pro.

[did NOT run ODBC import installer included in /Applications/FileMaker Pro 7/ODBC Import Drivers]

2.) Download from FileMaker website update consisting of xDBC plugin/ODBC driver. (files and documentation from http://filemaker.com/odbc).

3.) install xDBC/ODBC in appropriate directories with appropriate permissions.

4.) Run FileMaker Pro 7; set FileMaker sharing preferences; set up permissions for everyone for ODBC/JDBC sharing.

5.) Run ODBC Administrator utility (packaged with Mac OSX); set up new driver as:

-- DESCRIPTION is "odbc"

-- DRIVER FILE is "/Library/ODBC/SequeLink.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ivslk18.dylib"

-- SETUP FILE [blank]

-- DEFINED AS chose "System"

-- [no keywords or values]

6.) Setup new System DSN using the ODBC Administrator that comes with Apple OS.

-- DATA SOURCE NAME is "statistics"

-- DESCRIPTION is "uodata"

-- [key] Host [value]

-- [key] Port [value] 2399

-- [key] ServerDataSource [value] statistics

This is the exact setup specified in the FileMaker documentation (at the above site).

I get no error messages during the initial setup; I also get no confirmation that I'm doing anything correctly, besides the fact I'm following the documentation.

***What happens:***

From FileMaker:

-- [open FileMaker Pro 7; open statistics.fp7; create new empty database file with no fields; choose file -> import -> ODBC source...]

-- get error "ODBC driver initialization failed. Please make sure ODBC drivers are installed properly."

From Excel:

-- [choose from menu] Data -> Get External Data -> New Database Query

-- [Microsoft Query opens] then "ODBC is not installed on this system."

Ideally, I want to import data from statistics.fp7 into blank_file.fp7 and experiment with SQL on statistics.fp7; from Excel I want to query statistics.fp7 and retrieve data that could be saved in Excel format for graphing.

Your help properly setting up FileMaker and ODBC, especially links and documentation is really appreciated!

JR Bernal

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This topic is 6648 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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