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Please help me with email. simple question, I think...


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I am new to File maker pro. I have been able to create a database for our IT hlep desk to keep track of tickets. But I am stuck. My boss wnats me to be able to click on the email button and that should automatically put in all the feilds and should look like this (exapmle)in the email:

Requester Name: auto insert field (Sally)

Location: Auto instert (bldg 43)

Problem: Auto insert (printer not working)

Status: Autuo instert (open)

Get the idea? So by clicking send email and specify i see how you can insert fields. So on the subject line of the email I put in the ticket number field and there it shows the ticket number! So I think i am off to ao good start until I come to the body of the email. I cannot get the right calculation!! Its driving me nuts. Can someone help me.

I almost got it by using something like this

"Requester Name:" & First Name & " " & Last Name & "?" &

"I'm happy that you, " & First Name & ", will attend ..."

This is a sample that I found here on teh board. The problem i have is its typing all the fiedls on one line and not like the format I have above. I tried inserting that paragraph symbol but it stll wont work.

Please help me!



[email protected]

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it will be paragraph symbol that will give you the carriage returns you are after, just make sure you surround the paragraph character with quotes like this "¶".

so you would have something like:

"Description of data:" & Field1Here & "¶" &

"Next description:" & Field2 & "¶" &

"Last description:" & LastField & "¶"

that should do it for you,



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OH MY GOSH!!! If I could reach through this computer and hug you I would!! Thank you so much! I have been frustrating over this for 2 weeks now and I felt like I was goign to let my new boss down by not figuring this out!! It totally worked!

Thank you so much for posting this information!


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I've been reading the promos for FMP 8, which talk about the easy way to do email merge and generate a campaign. I downloaded the trial but sure can't figure out the new features. Nothing appears in manual, though it says "see Help". Help points one to an output thingie where one can define the email address of a record and a "message".. but that message is one field, and not a merge, unless one does a text calculation. It the sort of scripting torture you guys are getting into in this thread the "easy way"?: ;-=) I'm really curious... and so far pretty underwhelmed. Kinda like my attitude about the radical new pdf creation possibilities.. well I've 'printed' pdf reports on my Mac for years;-) I don't see what's new here, and don't think it has to do with printing screen reports and attatching to a set of emailed reports. Any tips would be much appreciated.. [email protected]

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This topic is 6664 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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