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Trailing sub-summary data

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I have put together a shipping report that creates a total of the single product ordered by a particular buyer. I want to take that information and tranfer it into a database that lists sales of the products in units and dollars. When I set the total as a look-up to the sub-summary in the other database, I got a running total of all items shipped rather than just the specific product. Any ideas on how I can make this work?

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I'll refer to your files as DB1 (shipping report) and DB2 (sale summary by product)

Set up a relationship from DB2 to DB1 based on the product ID. Then, in DB2 set up calculated fields:

Units = Sum(DB1::QtySold)

Dollars = Sum(DB1::Price)

I'm making some assumptions here about how your files are set up. So, if this doesn't make any sense, you will have to give me a few more details.

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