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Calender and Adding Appt

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I downloaded the Calender from the net. I believe it was called CCcalendar at the time. It was made for filemaker pro 7. Since then i have changed it a lot and there is two things i want to do.

1). I have made it so that it brings up appts from another database called "Work Database", however as the calender is set up atm it will add the appt to the date that is highlighted. What i want to change is so that it will automatically set the start date to that which is in the field "Apptdate1" in the file Work Database, instead of using the selected date for Start date.

2). Make a script that will automatically add all the appt from the work database and add them to the calender. So if there is 100 + appt then it will add the 100 + appt to the calender too as soon as the calendar is opened.

I have also added a Zip file that will have the three files included, incase you need to see what i want to do. However i have removed all the data and added a new record with fake information to protect the clients.


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This topic is 5767 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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