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creating PDFs online


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I'm working for an organization that creates custom stationary for its customers. My org has all their past orders in Filemaker and used to type in the orders taken by the customers over the phone or from a printed form. I am in the process of making an online ordering system which will create the records in Filemaker as the user submits the custom forms. I need to create a demo before I can upload it to the server.

I have been using Filemaker Pro's Instant Web Publishing and mostly everything works. I have even been able to create previews for the client, but now I need to create PDF previews. It would be ideal if we could have the PDF saved on our server. If I could find someway to create it from the web, I could then have Filemaker automatically link to it for the customer to preview, and email it to our Printer affiliates who require a PDF format.

I have seen many, many solutions that can print PDFs if I am using Filemaker, but none which would allow a customer to do it from the online interface. Please let me know if what I need is even possible with Filemaker Server 7 or if we upgraded to Server 7 Advanced with its XML & Custom Web Publishing capabilities. Thank You.

We are using Windows, Filemaker Pro 7, Server 7, and Adobe Acrobat Pro 7. If it's the only way, I may be able to convince my org to upgrade to Filemaker 8, Server (7/8 ) Advanced or pay for the needed PDF software but we are on a limited budget.

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This topic is 5765 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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