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Need to create a paper trail (database)


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Hi all,

I think this is a common problem but I am not sure how to do it effeciently.

I receive new stories everyday. They need to be sent out to folks that subscribe to the stories. Some subscribers only get fiction, some get non-fiction, some get kids-stories, some get everything.

I have 2 data bases so far

StoryKits and Subscribers

StoryKits is where the how many stories, kind of story, copyright, etc.

Subscribers is where the stories are sent, address, story types subscribed to, contact person ,etc.

What I want to do is generate a third database or report that will show each storykit and what subscribers were sent out.

I want to be able to search this shipment database and it should never really change it should only be added to each ship date.

Previous kits may be resent, new subscribers will come on board, new storykits will be added almost daily, and shipments will happen once or twice a week.

The bottom line is that I will always need to track what went where on what ship date.

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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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