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FM8 and QuickTime problem

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FileMaker 8 Adv. and QuickTime (versions 6.5.2 and up) are not compatible with File Maker on Windows XP. Importing a sound (.aif) into a container field and a subsequent attempt to play it results in a crash of FM. The situation is particularly severe with QT 7. With QT 6 the crash does not happen every time I attempt to play the sound, whereas with QT 7 the crash happens every time I try to play the sound. If the first layout of an opening database contains a sound field the crash occurs right at the startup of FM. I tested it on 3 separate Windows machines (both XP Home and Pro), with many different databases and sound files. Did anybody encounter and knows a workaround to this issue? For me this bug may spell the end of my relationship with FileMaker (I have been using it since v. 2.0), and force me to move to a different database environment - my databases are databases of biological sound recordings, some containing up to 30,000 sound records.

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Unfortunately, PS MediaPlayer plugin would solve nothing because it requires QuickTime to run. Besides, why should I pay for a feature that I already paid for by buying FileMaker. Apple is clearly doing something wrong if two of their flagship products (ableit FM is now considered a separate company, owned by Apple) cannot coexist.

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The annoying crash while trying to play or import a sound file into a container field persists even after updating to QT 7.1. I wish Apple would get its act together and finally fix it! They are clearly aware of the problem, at least according to the Windows Crash Analysis:

"The error was likely caused by QuickTime Player. This software was created by Apple Computer, Inc..

Microsoft has researched this problem with Apple Computer, Inc., and they do not currently have a specific solution for the problem that you reported. For help on QuickTime Player, visit the following Apple Computer, Inc. support site."

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This problem persists with FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced and QuickTime 7.1.5 on Windows XP.

I created a database on Mac OS X with a container field, creating records into which I inserted a variety of files by reference, e.g., image, PDF, MOV, MP3 (the latter 3 using Insert QuickTime).

I copied the database and related files to XP. When I select a record containing a MOV file, the mini-QuickTime player appears in the container and plays the movie.

However, when I select a record containing an MP3 file, FileMaker crashes.

When I create a new record on XP, right-click in the container, and select Insert QuickTime, the Open dialog shows only movies, i.e., no PDF or MP3 files. My SWAG is FileMaker is avoiding this QuickTime problem (for Windows-only solutions).

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This topic is 5375 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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