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Serving XSLT


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I am attempting to use XSLT with Custom Web Publishing and continue to get the following error when attempting to connect via the web. I am using FileMaker Server 7 Advanced.

"FileMaker Custom Web Publishing with XSLT - The requested stylesheet file could not be found (FILE-ER0001)" (followed by the name of the file).

I have checked all of the following:

1. The stylesheet (.xsl file) has been placed in the xslt-template-files folder (inside the Web Publishing Folder; inside FileMaker Server 7 folder; on the host where Web Publishing Engine is installed)

2. The corresponding database has extended privileges added (fmxslt) and assigned to the user account

3. The web server is running & the Web Publishing Engine is working; with XSLT enabled; and the corresponding .fp7 database file is shown as being published via XSLT

4. The url matches the example given in the Custom Web Publishing Guide and I have checked to make sure folder/file names are correct ex. http:///fmi/xsl//

What am I missing? Could this be a firewall issue?

Additional info: I have IWP running fine from this server and I have also successfully served and accessed xml data using a url request.

Thanks for any help you can give,


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This topic is 5709 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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