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Requesting/Forcing other users to close file?


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Is there an elegant way for a filemaker user to request (or force) other users to log off via script maker?

I have some large batch operations during which I'd prefer for no other users to be using the file simultaneously. It'd be great if there was a script command which would force other users to log off (or at least, send them a message politely asking them to?) I don't absolutely need for this to happen, but I'd feel more comfortable knowing that only the single user is online.

I know I can do this via the server console, but I'd rather have a non-super user be able to do this.

Since nearly all navigation in this database is scripted, I thought of setting a global variable that would force someone to log off as soon as they tried to navigate somewhere. However, this would obviously only work when they did indeed try to navigate.


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Set a flag indicating that you are planning to do your batch job.

Any idle users can be kicked by the server timeout. (Except for the privilege set that will run the batch job) that one can be set not to time out.)

Any new connections will be kicked by the startup script if the flag is set and/or they don't belong to the batch job priv. set.

Any active users will have to be disconnected by forcing them to use scripts to do anything, as you described.

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This topic is 5724 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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