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Can't get portal to function

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I’m not really sure if this is portal problem or a relationship problem – imho I think it’s a little of both. So please forgive if I’ve posted in the wrong forum.

I’m trying to create a bidding system that will allow me to create proposals on the fly. So far I’ve got five DBs: clients, vendors, product categories, products, bid builder.

I am using the client db as the main interface for contact info and for generating proposals. The bid builder db is the conduit for pulling all the proposal info together. The problem I’m having is getting the bid builder to show up properly via a portal.

I need to be able to keep multiple revisions of individual proposals, as well as preserve price quotes in the event of price changes. Hence, I am using the bid builder to utilize lookups. I’ve based the bid builder on a sample provided by sbg2 in the following thread:


I’ve obviously confused myself and missed something along the way. I’ve attached a diagram of what I’ve done so far.

I’m probably taking the scenic route as far as the planning of this system goes. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can implement this in a more streamlined fashion, please, please let me know. I’m thick-skinned so I can handle critiques!

Also, please make all explanations idiot-proof, as I am a novice, and it isn’t terribly hard to go over my head. Thanks in advance!


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The relationship between Clients and Bid Builder is not very clear. What is the key field in each file for this relationship? I would think the key would be id_client, but I don't see an equivelant field in Bid Builder.

Also, the Bid Builder entity is not very clear. Is this to hold data about the Bid or the Bid's items? The fields listed seem to be both, but this is not the structure sbg2 outlined in the other thread.

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This topic is 5728 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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