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File Missing Error When Changing Relationships


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I have two simple files that were converted from Filemaker 7 to 8. One relates to the other via a single field, and to itself via a Self-Join for Find Duplicates.

I am trying to adapt these two files to a slightly different purpose by changing their names, table names, file relationships and updating the relationship accordingly.

I have tried several different ways of doing this short of recreating new database files, but cannot get around a Table Missing error in all fields of the database holding the relationship. Recreating the relationship does not solve the problem. I have checked and rechecked without finding an error.

I have a sense that the problem lies with my creating a second table name by copying and then pasting in order to rename the table, since ALL fieldnames then come up with Table Missing. This happens even when I delete all file refs and calculations and relationships!

Any suggestions appreciated!


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You need to change the file references, not the table names.

This is where FMP Advanced (developer) comes in handy, it has a tool for renaming files and updating file reverences automatically.

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This topic is 5726 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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