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Exit Script[] and RPN

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I've stumbled over this statement of Steven Blackwells:

No. It may seem that way, but it wasn't. Prior to FMP 7 and the end of

RPN, ALL tests and all results were evaluated. Then the result

matching the first true test was returned. Some lads got a surprise

when certain script triggers tied to Case statements started


From: http://www.nabble.com/Case-vs.-If-t1350857.html#a3623229

This made me think, one thing is the metaphors or abstractions we deal with when developing, another is what's going on under the hood - which might be very different either we're talking calcfield or we're talking scripting.

But what if they're more indentical than we dare to think??? Blackwell states that the days of RPN are over, which should mean that calcfields consider each statement as they comes, in reading direction.

We have on the scripting side been provided with a new "Else If" that makes a kind of Case('ish behaviour, but how is it done if not via some sort of RPN??? All would say in laymans terms, it will look for the "End If" as soon as a condition is met.

Well it's pretty easy to investigate this by making conditions, that counts over various relationships. Is there someone here who have made such a benchmark??

Next question is; Does the inclution of a Exit Script[] Change this behaviour if it's stuffed in each branch of a nested If-Else_If-End_If statement??

Now are we almost there what is the purpose of Exit Script[] these days? I can see that in the separation model can it serve as pathway for the values in global variables between the files ...but I think the previous task they were utilized for was a mean to avoid pushing too much on the stack, but by fm7 where recursions suddently endorsed again ...while having been discouraged for nearly 10 years - by the introduction of the Loop-Exit_Loop-End_Loop tool.

Can you show me how to use Exit Script[] to avoid having a whole herd of scriptparameters when making recursions???


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This topic is 5716 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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