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Reporting on multiple TO of the same table.


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I have four tables. The first one is titled Consumer. The others are Payments, House, and Vehicle. I've attached an image to show the relationship. My question is, If I wanted to do a search of all the payments a consumer has mad across all TO's, HOW DO I DO THAT?


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Why have a table for both houses and vehicles, they're all something you rent/lease or gradualy becomes the proprietor of.

I do here see a many2many relationship where the amount paid is registered in the jointable, but all the different things that each consumer pays to get access to be it either bricks or merchandice, this will also open up for timeshares or several users.

Another thing you could store in the join-table is what type of thing the payment is covering morgage or fuel.

This make reporting pretty easy a GTRR form either the item or the consumer makes a found set in the jointable, which can be constrained to show say only fuel, in a summary.

So all in all, are the relationships you have desided to use inconvenient for estabishing the "consumption" or payment made, they might have other excellent uses ...which just escapes me.

Perhaps if you call the join table transactions it get's you on the track?

consumer ------thing_at_disposal


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This topic is 5725 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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