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Delete Request Broken?

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I'm seeing odd behavior when trying to delete a find request. It works fine if you are using a table that exists in the file, but not when you have a layout based on a TO from a different file. The request does not disappear immediately. It lingers until you go to another request. Can anyone else confirm this? Try the following:

1) Make a new file containing 1 table. Add a couple of fields and records.

2) Make a second file that contains no tables. Add an occurrence of your table from file 1. Make a layout based on that TO.

3) Enter Find mode.

4) In the first request, enter the criteria "one".

5) New Request. Enter criteria "two".

6) New Request. Enter criteria "three".

7) Go back to the 2nd request. Delete Request.

At this point, you should see the "two" criteria vanish, but it doesn't! It remains showing on screen (you can edit it, etc), and the Status Area still says you are on request 2 of 3. If you click to go back to the 1st request, at that point, things will update to display the correct results of the Delete Request.

I'd like to confirm that this is a real FileMaker bug and not something odd on my system.

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This topic is 6379 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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