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WEIRD glitch when printing label


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I have a calculation field set up to pull in Name, Company, Title and Address for some mailing labels for a client. This calculation will delete line spaces say for example, a record doesn't have a Title, no extra line space shows up.

The weird thing is when one employee prints a sheet of labels, the last label on the sheet in the bottom right corner creates an extra space between the Title and Address, even though a Title may or may not exist. This happens on the same label, last one on the sheet on every sheet.

When another employee prints to a different printer, the same thing happens but it is on the third label down.

This glitch does not show up in Preview mode. I am wracking my brain - there is no logical explanation! Anyone that could help I would appreciate it!

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Maybe your file is corrupted... why not.

3 Options for you:

1) Try duplicating the layout.

2) Try making a new blank layout and copying and pasting.

3) Try a recover on the copy of the file and see if it prints correctly... make sure you have a backup of your original file. I've recently read that recover aint that great so careful. It will however hopefully be able to tell you if your file is corrupted.


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This topic is 5701 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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