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Dynamic Read Level Access


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OK, we just wrote a purchasing request solution where 20+ FMP8 (cross platform) clients are accessing a FMSA 8 server on Win2003 (no web clients yet).

We want all "users" to be able to view all of the records except a few that we determine are private (travel, entertainment expenses). Currently we have view access for users set so they can only see the records they created.

2 problems with that:

1. Obviously they cannot see most of the records.

2. they see the ten records they created, and 120 records with in every field.

So far I've created a script which allows "accounting" to turn a record private. It copies the PONumber (text field) into a new related table, also a text record. I then created a Value List "PrivatePO" which holds those PO numbers. I have also verified that the value list holds those PO Numbers. Then in "users" records view access, I'm trying to limit by the following formula

PONumber ≠ ValueListItems ( "Test" ; "PrivatePO" )

Where "Test" is my database file name

It's not limiting any access by "users" at all.

Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do?


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I'm not entirely sure i understand the entirety of your question however you might think about adding an extra field to your current table, setting it to auto enter and setting auto enter to on and equal to Get(AccountName).

Then whenever going to this layout of yours, execute either a find script (based on the current account) or a goto Related record step (based on a global storing the current account) on the condition that they a logged on with a certain privelege set.

I have utilized this with a fair bit of success so far and it is useful in an environment where you want files to be hosted but certain data to be restricted to the users who created it... while still allowing it to interact with the rest of the database (without funny blank records).

Anyway, my solution is locally hosted (though on a wireless lan, and accessible through VPN). With 2,600 records in this particular portion of the database i have seen no signifcant slowing either remotely or locally. Note however that i haven't tested on IWP so i'm not sure about the performance you could expect on that.

If all this info is useless to you ;) and im just blabbing on for no reason (i do like to do that), see if you can dumb your original post down a bit.


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I think this will help on getting rid of the blank records.

But ultimately I'm trying to block access to only a few PO's to all "users". And I want "accounting" to be able to initiate that action without going into the define access and privileges.

I want all "users" to be able view all recorders by everyone, except for the select few records that "accounting" wants to be private.

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Create a flag field, auto enter value of 1.

When the Accounting people want to make the record private, allow them to change the value of that flag field to 0.

In the Define Accounts & Privileges section, under the record level access section, allow the Privilege Set to view the record when the flag field =1. When it becomes 0, they can't view it.


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This topic is 5709 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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