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How to 'refresh' (kill and recreate) a realtionship?


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Hi All -

I have a possibly corrupt DB that exhibits this problem: when I search on the "bill-to" orgainization name in my Invoicing database, the search hangs... forever. I have to force-quit out of FM to recover. In other words, the when I search on the realted field, the search fails.

I found when I replaced the relationship with a new one, that does the same thing (i.e Bill-To ID in Invoicing matches Bill-To ID in that Invoice), all is well - the searches are fast.

But, to avoid having to hand-replace every field that used to use the old relationship with the new-relationship field, is there a way to 'refresh' the relationship in place? See, if I just kill off the old relationship and make a new one, all the related fields show "table missing" and I'm looking at a giant pile of work.

Or, does some FM wizard know why this strange infinite-search hang is happening? Corrupt index, perhaps? Any help would be most totally appreciated.

- Karl

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To be honest isn't you description getting me much further than you probably are performing seaches on values actually living a relation away. They can only be unindexed - unless you use another technique.



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This topic is 5708 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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