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Importing from a file w/ Multiple Tables


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This might be a simple question and I am just tired/anmoyed. Is there a way to import data from a filemaker file with multiple tables to a table in another file with multiple tables?

Note: Ignore the simple solution of exporting to an excel file(or any other file type), and then importing the excel file back in. This way works very well... but I need to know if it is possible.

For further clarification:

Assume I have file1.fp8, with tables table1, table2, table 3. I also have file2 with tables table4, table5, table6. I want table6 to import table1. I cant combine the files either.

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Have the script go to the layout/table and perform an import function for every table in your database. As far as I know you have to make the script go to each and every layout/table in your destination database and perform the import function each time.

You can totally automate it if you are certain of the source file and can script it the name and path of it as well.

The script steps look something like this:

Go to Layout ["LayoutName" (LayoutName)]

Import Records ["FileName"; Add;]

Check the "Perform without dialog", the "Specify data source" and the "Specify import order" boxes.

Copy those two steps for each layout/table you have.

I'm no expert on this at all, I'm just trying to work through a very similar scripting problem.

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This topic is 5688 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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