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Display of summary fields


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I have a summary field which displays the total of values in related records. However, if any field is selected for editing on this layout, the summary field value doesn't appear when I move on to the next record. I assume that this is because the summary field can't store the results of the calculation.

I can only get the summary value to reappear if I:

- deselect all fields for editing

- move to another record then back again, with no fields selected.

Is there any way to make the summary field's value stay on screen for subsequent records I visit without having to do the above?

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I use a summary field because I'm creating a total from the contents of a field in a group of related records.

One table records students' marks from a number of sources, entered by different people. The related records from this "marks" table are displayed in a portal on a layout based on a "student" table. It is the total of these marks which is displayed in a summary field on this layout.

Should I still be using SUM across the relationship? If so, how should I implement it?

Many thanks.

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Summary fields have when speaking generally, their place in summary reports made from what is the markings table with the layout tied to a TO in the markings table in your case, while the aggregate function Sum( is a calc'field placed next to the portal in the student's layout.

I've made you a tiny template to show which goes where, and why ...well not quite the last bit. But what you will recognize is as you leave each field in the portal the sum freshens in the student layout.



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This topic is 5674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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