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Analyzer 3.0 any good?


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I've just tested the demo version of Analyzer 3.0, the analysis tool from Waves in motion. I must say that I am very impressed with what they have achieved! This is miles better than the "simple" DDR Report you can generate from FMP D.E. 5.5.

It seems that you can get most information that you would like to know out of this tool!

But I've heard that there has been problems with versions other than English of FM related to Analyzer. Waves in motion does not guarantee functionality for any other language than English, but they state that it "should work". According to my testing, most things seem to work fine when the DDR Report is exported from a Swedish version of FMP D.E. 5.5. But Swedish charactes in database file names and field names are corrupted, and Analyzer was unable to tell me what time the report was conducted. I hope these are just "cosmetic" errors, because otherwise I really like the product.

Now to my question:

It is tempting to document the entire solution with Analyzer, since you can write notes about every object (field, scripts, reports,...) in the solution. So instead of relying of in-line comments in field lists, scripts and so on, in the databases themselves, you could actually do it in Analyzer and get "all information in one place".

I wonder - has anyone done this yet and are you happy with it as a complete "documentation" and "revision" system?

I am a bit afraid to be dependant on a third party product. What if there is some limitation in Analyzer that becomes apparent only after a while? (Number of objects it can handle, for instance). Maybe it drops support for some language that it earlier could handle, or does not get updated when a new version of FM is released?

Any comments are highly appreciated...



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This topic is 7785 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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