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More control over drop down lists


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The ability to have value lists show display one field while storing the value of another is a huge improvement. However, it still in my opinion lacks the functionality needed to be fully useful. I’ve always been of the mind that no key should ever be seen by any user, and that users should never be allowed to type in any value that will be used to form a relationship. Drop down lists that use value lists with the second field option should display values from the second field once a selection has been made. You should also be able to limit the selection to values in the list (without having to use field validation). In other words that should function more like HTML select tags. Yes I realize that all of this functionality can be achieved from a pop-up menu but pop-up menus start to become impractical, if not down right annoying, when they contain more than 15 or 20 items.

If anyone knows any “stupid filemaker tricks” that can be used to work around this please let me know


Also ditto on the requests for an onChange event handler for these.

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This topic is 5674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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