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General Hand Held usage

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Help!! I need to know what wireless Hand Held barcode scanning devices are compatible with this software. I would like to recommend it for a client that needs to scan vials and have the barcodes and thier converted description stored via the scan. I am looking for someone who has used Symbol, HandHeld or Intermec bluetooth cordless or network wireless scanners in conjunction with this product!! I am trying to verify that the software will work with current scanning devices. I really could use some verification from someone that has used the software in this fashion??? Thanks!!!!

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Provided your barcode scanner is running as a keyboard wedge, or in HID (Human Interfact Device) mode, it should work just fine with any version of FileMaker.

I recently designed a solution for a rental company to keep their maintainence records. (Scan the product barcode, then a second barcode that contains the condition of equipment). They were using FileMaker 6 and an Intermec SF51 barcode scanner (wireless via. bluetooth).

You'll need to make sure that either your barcode sends either a carriage return or TAB(post-amble) or your layouts are setup to move to the next field after pressing "Enter".

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This topic is 5657 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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