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summarizing two child tables simultaneously


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I have two child tables that I am trying to summarize into one report and perform calculations upon.

Both are many to one related to the parent. Other than having a copy of the key the parent is not involved in this report.

I want to Summarize(group) the report by the date(month) from one table, and sub-summarize the report by selected listvalue from the other table.

The table/record housing the date contains a number.

The table/record containing the selected listvalue contains a percentage.

In my report, I want to create lines containing calculations involving both number fields (for the moment, the calculated product of the number and percentage).


Is the usual way to create reports composed of related child tables in FileMaker...

create a newcombo table containing all necessary fields together, so that even the wizard can easily create my report?

Then script a loop that steps thru the date records while sub looping thru the sibling table, creating new records in the newcombo table for each match.

Am I being really obtuse and missing a simpler solution?


I have attached a view of the tables in my application.

The [PayableOrderLineItems] contains the date field and the number field to consider is named calc_lineTotal.

The [storeChargeLines] contains the storeCode (selected from valuelist - to summarize by) and the number field PercentOwned.

I want to create a report that is Summarized (grouped by) the month calclulated from DATE_to_applytobudget,

sub-summarized by the storeCode,

With lines that are calculated by multiplying the PercentOwned by the calc_linetotal.

Many thanks to all who respond.


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This topic is 5658 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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