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HELP! Printing Crisis


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I am using FMP 5.5.

I have a DB with a summary layout that contians: body, summary field, Grand Total.

When I preview the records, they show up beautifully. They take up 5 pages.

When I print, ONLY the LAST page prints and I get 5 BLANK pages. The last page that prints shows all of the fields and the summary fields just fine, including the Grand Total field.

I have tried to change whether the part prints below or above.

I have tried printing with REcords Being Browsed (to do all 5) and I get the 1 printed page and 4 blanks.

I have tried Current Record to do just the record of the page I am previewing. All I get is a single blank page.

This isn't a printer problem because when I select Preview in the Print Dialog box, I can see the blanks.

I have never had this problem. Aside from changing printing above or below and Records Being Browsed or Current Record, I have no idea where to go from here!

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Is FMP 5.5 running native in OS X or in classic mode?

Sounds like printer driver software problems. Look for updated software or even better try a different printer.

Also try changing fonts on the layout. Try recreating the layout again to see if it is a corruption issue.

Lastly it may be file corruption. Backup the file and recover it.

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This topic is 5648 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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