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Field total, Please help

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I am in a problem, just need to know one thing.

I am making invoices and in each invoice there is a field of Amount.

I just need to know that if I view my records as table and I also in the table I want to have the total of all amounts, means a field with the total amount of all invoices at the bottom. How i can do that

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It's called a Summary field, if it deals with the found set of records in a table, however is solutions hardly ever confined to one singel table, except in rare cases of sophistication, where developers optimizes toward a special demand.

This sum of yours doesn't hardly exist absent from any context, often is the sum of invoices amount in itself quite irrelevant, where instead the aspect of being a sum of invoices in a timespan is much more workable, similar to the number of grains in a childs sandbox compared to the five grains that went into childs eye, and causes irritation.

Databases is called vessels of meaning, and the storage of data in it self has no meaning, the counting of words in a book doesn't make you say more or less book, you have to measure the density by another factor!

Sets of data is made by searches or relations, and the invoicing you here deal with needs this other factor. Is it per customer is it or per year, month or week.

Filemaker provides both tools to deal with found sets in one table and found sets established by relations ...which is best in your case, is hard to tell because you keep thing too general.

But by the look of it does it seem like you need a Summary field, placed in the trailer area ...but you need to think of the slicing and dicing of your data!


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This topic is 5611 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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