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Don't know password to access entire file.

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We currently have FM5. The person who originally created the database (using FM4.0) is no longer with the company.

I there anyway to get around the admin/master password?

We need to change some fomatting on some templates.

Any ideas?


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I'd put a *lot* of effort into finding the employee and getting them to tell you the password.

I say this because without the password the database is securely locked. I believe that for a cost (like US$100 or so) the file can be sent to FileMaker and they will open it for you, however it takes a few weeks. Also the solution may in fact have several related files in it so the overall cost to crack it may be several hundred dollars.

FileMaker Inc's TechInfo database is down at the moment so I cannot check.

[This message has been edited by Vaughan (edited January 21, 2001).]

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