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Update Calculation for ALL records simultaneously

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Hello Hello!

I am current running a simple PatternCount calculation that is based on a dated entry.

ie: when date field is plugged in with a value "8/6/2006" , the PatternCount looks for all entries beginning with "8/6/2006" and counts accordingly. It is currently working without fail for a 'single record' even though the date field is global.

What needs to be done to insure that all records (even though they are updated with the new date value) are recalculated accordingly? Without the need to calculate every individual record.

Thanks in advance.

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It's not quite obvious what you wish to do, but it seems to be quite spreadsheet'ish in realm. The problem I see is that you're dealing with something that looks surprisingly near to a date field - you mention it as a dated entry. This makes it a less than obvious to use Patterncount( since it deals with text strings usually?

There is a lot of ways to establish the number of records in which a field holds a certain value, but using a function that deals with circumventions of 1NF escapes me, except if you really have many dates in the same field which is a 1 NF violation.

How many records are we dealing with here?

You mention a global field, is it part of the calc ...if it does makes it the calc unstored and establishing a found set ...is tricky to say the least because it makes the calc unstored. My guess is that you think it wise to use use the PatternCount function to display a 1 if the date is the same as the global, and then later on make a search on this 1 value.

This isn't going to work particular responsive, compared to other searches. You have to take the plunge away from the spreadsheet'ish discourse of yours and instead make relations with the global field as primary key looking at the entries in your fields, to establish a found set. Over this relation is a Count( function used to get the exact number of records having the date entered.


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Forgive me for being vague.. two nights no more than 3 hours of sleep will do that to you.

The layout:

A) Pull Down menu sends values to a "Call Log" which includes a time stamp.

B ) "Call Log" accepts pull down menu values and adds time stamp.

C) "Calls Today" calculates the values in the call log based on "Call Date" field (which is global [across all records]).

D) "Calls Today" is =

PatternCount( Call Log ; Call Date )

E) For "Calls Today" to work (as it currently stands) "Call Date" must be flooded with a date per individual record.

F) "Total Calls" now has a count based on the dated entry.

Herein lies my problem. Even though "Call Date", a global field, has a date entered the records outside of the existing record being browsed, will and do not recalculate.

I need a solution for this.. is there a way to recalculate the field(s) in all records simultaneously?

What should be happening when "Call Date" receives a new entry is simple.

A) "Call Date" receives a new entry

B ) "Calls Today" recalculates and counts the pattern accordingly from the "Call Log" for all records simultaneously and not individually. Is this possible?

Please advise. If a more detailed explanation is needed inform me. I hope this helps. Thanks in advance.

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How about creting a self-join between your call date and a stored Today calc (initialized on startup?). Then a simple calc field Count(CallsToday::CallID) will tell you the count--or so I believe...

Or are you storing multiple dates in the Call Log field? If so, step 1 would be to normalize the table so that there was one entry for each Call, with one timestamp, then as above.


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Yes I am storing multiple dates in the Call Log. Multiple Dates must be stored. What I wish to do is simple..

From any given record in range, insert the date in Call Date global field and have the new date 1) Flood all records via Global then 2) Recalculate each individual Call Log per record based on the new date. Is this possible?

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This topic is 5592 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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