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Stanley Tran

How to get the path of an exported file

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I have a filemaker script to perform exporting data to a file and then open the exported file in another application. The problem is after I exported the file, how can I store the path to that file so I can pass it to another application via apple script?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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This isn't going to be easy. FileMaker doesn't give access to the path in any form that AppleScript can use. So, if you must do this, I would suggest something like the following algorithm:

Use AppleScript to get user to select folder to export to and store this folder for later reference.

Use FileMaker to export the data to a known folder that is the same every time, independent from where the user asked to place the file.

Use AppleScript to copy the exported data to the folder selected by the user and delete the copy in the default location.

Use AppleScript to open the file in your other application.


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Thank you Chuck for your help.

How can you tell FileMaker to export file to the same path and same file name everytime? If you can show how, it will solve my problem.


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