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I'm stuck

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Hi everyone

OK I'm desperate at this point. My portal's are not working, and depite my referring many books. HELP

Here's the summary

Want to have some of the field info from Customers file to show up in a small portal inside "Jobs" file. then be able to select a customer from the portal, so that it gets assigned to a JobID (it's using it's own ID) . This process repeats in the "Log" file with the "Job" info to be assigne d to a LogID. Lastly within the Customer file there are two portals which are suppose to display the Job's and Log's relative to the current customer record being viewed!

Overview (only the first portal -- hopefully I'll get it, and be able to set up the others successfully)

1. Customer file (Relations)

LogID::LogID (from Log file)

JobID::JobID (from Job file)

the portal in "Customer" relate to these.

2. Within "Jobs" file

Value List is (CustID from field "pkCustID", "Company_Name"


AllCustomers g_select_all_Cust = ::Calc_key_all_cust (from Customers file)

Lastly, within this portal the fields are pkCustID, CompanyName, Address

(all from the Customer file) And there is a transparent button grouped with these fields that triggers the "assign_JobID_to selected custID.

Help What am I doing wrong, My feeling is that i"m setting up the relations incorrectly?!?

Thank you in advance


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OK, I've read your post 9 times and I'm still not sure what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to create a job and select a customer for that job? WIthout knowing what "Jobs" or "Logs" does or which fields they contain I think you will have a hard time getting help with this problem.

Why do you want to assign a job ID to a customer? Typically, you would go the other way and assign a customer to a unique Job ID stored in a seperate database.

What is a brief background of what you are trying to accomplish.

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