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Automating data import for solution updates


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Hi, we have about 20 clients using our FM solution and the list is growing, all clients connect remotely to our dedicated server. Depending on fixes or new aditions, we do updates about 3 times a month. But the process is so tedious. We have two files, the interface file (layouts and scripts) and the data file, so at least minor fixes are easily updated by just replacing the interface file, but when there is a change in the data file a full update is inevitable. So far we don't have an automated data import into a new version of our solution, but as we speak I'm working on a system where a current solution would have a script that would export all data into a temporary database and then when the newer version comes out all I would have to do is create scripts that would import the data from temporary database. For now this seems like the only path to some sort of automated update. Was wondering if any developers out there would share some ideas or their practices when it comes to importing data into a new version of the same solution especially when it has to be done frequently since we are still in the Beta stage.


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This topic is 6153 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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