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Help Me Making Script In this Problem

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I am trying to creat a movie rental system. SO lets suppose 4 fields in one table.

Movie No.

Movie Title.

Issue Date.

Return Date.

And UNIQUE VALUE option check on both Movie No. & Movie Title. And I enters Data As u say Its Uniquly saved.

Now the problem is that When One movie (Movie No.2 And Title is "XYZ" Issued on 12-11-2006 And Return on 15-11-2006). So Date is Saved If I again Sent this movie on rent Then Because of Unique Value Is Check Its not accept This Title Or Movie No. Again So

How I Handle This Problem.

I want Sent this movie Again on RENT. Thanks

Plz Reply as soon as possible.

I am very Thankfull to u.


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You should really have 3 tables -- Titles, Copies, Rentals.

Titles contains all movies available, Because titles can have many copies, I.e. New Releases often have 30 copies of one title you have to have a seperate copy table. Then if you want to track rental history (i.e. know how many times a certain movie copy or Title has gone out) you need an additional table for that to.






Copies (just a calc field that counts related copies)














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Thanks Very Much.

I am trying If i got Problem again then i post again

Thanks Once Againg

So Brother

I got Problem

I created these three table. I want to tell u That I am begner of FileMaker. So please dont mind my posts.

I apply Checks Like UNIQUE VALUE, Not Empty And Only Numeric Values IN Fields.

Title ID ( In Title Table)

Title ID & Item ID ( In Copies Table)

Customer Id ( IN Customer Table)

Item ID, Item ID, & Rental ID ( IN rental Table)

So is Foreign Key Automatically Applied on it?

And also Explain some more about Control, Issuing A Movie.

Many Thanks

Umar Farooq

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This topic is 5779 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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