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Orphan Records


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Today I discovered one of my customers has a few orphan records.

Any idea how they might have achieved this?

I have cascading deletes from Customer to Service to (Service Areas A and Service Areas B ) in my main relationships but not in some of the others. (I don't remember why some are not flagged appropriately.)

Would this inconsistency make the layout from which the parent is deleted relevant to whether or not the child gets deleted? Trouble with that theory is that the orphans are all new and the parents seem to have been deleted quite recently. Most of the layouts where parents are deleted include a portal using the main relationship and they are fairly old.

I can empty the whole database by deleting the Customers.

This is a runtime so there is no way the customer can create orphans using 'New Record' and, even if they could, they don't understand enough to insert the parent keys in the child.

I'm lost.

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I would think that the delete option -- seeing as it is managed on the basis of the relationship diagram... and seeing as each of those relationships are based on TO's which are the basis for layout -- would be TO specific rather than table specific -- Exactly the same as allow creation of records is TO specific.

As to how?.. Well either the above, given that it's a run time crashes can probably be ruled out... To be honest not sure - Just wanted to contribute the above, interesting question though.

However -- I Just tested it, and apparently it's not TO or layout specific so it's not that -- kind of illogical but logical as well i suppose.

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This topic is 5778 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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