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How to know which computers are clients?


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I am quite new to Filemaker and my employer needs me to set up file sharing so that 2 or 3 employees can edit the same Filemaker database simultaneously. We had this working a few months ago, but now I cannot get it to work.

All of the files that we want to share have file sharing turned on and all of the users have full access privileges. I have tried opening a host file, but when I go to the other computer and do "Open Remote", none of the hosting computers are shown. Even if I type in their IP addresses, the files that they have open for sharing do not show up. When I manually enter the Network File Path in the Open Remote dialog box (eg: fmnet:/ipaddress/filename.fp7), I get the following error message:

The maximum number of licenced users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro. Licence key conflict occurred with user "xxx".

We are all running Filemaker 7 on WinXP. The FM files reside on our LAN.

I suspect that we might not have enough site licences - I understand that we can run 5 clients on a network installation though? How can we determine which computers are designated as clients for peer to peer sharing?? The frustrating thing is that we had this working several months ago but now we can't seem to get the computers to share.

Any advice would be great. sorry for the long post.

- A.P.

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This topic is 5774 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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