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Omitting Records


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I'm using Filemaker Server 8.0v4.

Filemaker 8.5 Clients.

I have a Company table that has a InactiveCalc:

Let( LastDate = Max(CompaniesToOrders::OrderDate); Case( Date(Month(LastDate); Day(LastDate); Year(LastDate) + 2) < Get(CurrentDate) or IsEmpty(LastDate); "INACTIVE"))

Basically if a customer hasn't placed an order within 2 years or hasn't placed any orders since we implemented our new database the Companies::InactiveCalc will display INACTIVE.

The problem I have is when I do a Find/Omit on the field Companies::InactiveCalc I still have companies that show up in my found set that are INACTIVE.

I created a sample script called Omit Inactive on my Companies layout. It looks like this.

Go to Layout ["Data-Companies" (Companies)]

Show All Records

Enter Find Mode [Restore] ---> Action Omit Records - Criteria: Companies::InactiveCalc = [iNACTIVE]

Perform Find

Go to Layout ["Print - CustomerMailingLabels" (Companies)]

Print Setup [Restore; No Dialog]

Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

Enter Preview Mode [Pause]

When I do this I still have Inactive customers in the found set. It doesn't seem to Omit all the Inactive companies.

I have tried do this manually and I get the same results no matter what... Am I just nuts for should this actually "Omit" the records that match INACTIVE in the InactiveCalc field? Or is there something goofy going on since I'm performing a find on a calc field?

Any help would would greatly appreciated!


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This topic is 5781 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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