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Script Parameters

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Hi to all you there

I have a little problem and i hope you can help me i have a script with a parameter but when i enter find mode inside the script that parameter simply disappears, is that normal???

Are you SURE that's what's happening? Have you tried opening up the data viewer while in your script and just using Get(ScriptParameter)?

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i´ve cheked that and you are right the script parameter is there, but i am using a custom function called GetParam (paramName) like this

Evaluate ( "Let ([" & Get(ScriptParameter) & "]; " & paramName & ")" )

in my script i have to look for some records in a layout from another table, and when i change to that layout the GetParam function returns nothing, but the Get (ScriptParameter) works.

I hope you understand my explanation, and can help me, i cant find a solution for this.


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It sounds like there's something wrong with the custom function.. but Ender's right, post the script (and double check the custom function code you used and that it's what you actually need).

I'll often pass multiple parameters but then just parse them out into variables... e.g.

GetValue(Substitute( Get(ScriptParameter) ; "|" ; "¶" ) ; 3)

Will retrieve "Likes" in the parameter list "John|Mayer|Likes|Fish"

You can just as easily make the above a CF as well and just call it getparam2( paramNum ) where paramNum in this case would be 3

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Hi all!!

This is my script parameter:

"idTrabajador = Trabajadores::idTrabajador; TipoMov = Trabajadores::TipoMov; fechaMov = Trabajadores::FechaMov; idObra = Trabajadores::idObra; salario = Trabajadores::Salario; TipoTrabajador = Trabajadores::TipoTrabajador; causaBaja = Trabajadores::CausaBaja"

My script:

1.- Set Variable [$idT; Value:GetParam("idTrabajador")]

2.- Go To Layout ["MovimientosLista"(Movimientos)]

3.- Enter Find Mode []

4.- SetField [Movimientos::idTrabajador;$idT]

5.- Perform Find []

Using script debug:

In Line 1 everything is working fine, i get the data i expect;

In line 2 all data i get is wrong, and that layout has data form a diferent table, so maybe here is the problem;

in Line 3 i don´t get any data, but get (ScriptParameter) is ok;

There must be something i´m doing wrong but i don´t know what is it.

Thanks, again

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I think the problem is with your parameter's syntax. The values must be evaluated in the parameter, like this:

"idTrabajador = " & Trabajadores::idTrabajador & "; TipoMov = " & Trabajadores::TipoMov & "; fechaMov = " & Trabajadores::FechaMov & "; idObra = " & Trabajadores::idObra & "; salario = " & Trabajadores::Salario & "; TipoTrabajador = " & Trabajadores::TipoTrabaja dor & "; causaBaja = " & Trabajadores::CausaBaja

Also, if any of those are text, you'll need to add quotes around their values, like this:

"param = "" & table::field & """

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This topic is 6114 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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