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Print Report with MS Word table look

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New to this forum. Thanks for having me. I've learned lots of useful stuff so far.

I have a very frustrating problem and one that's vital to the success of a current project.

Basically I have a bunch of records that need to be printed out in a report that looks exactly like a pre-existing MS Word document. The information is contained in a table with 1pt borders for all of the rows/columns/cells.

With sliding, merge fields and horizontal and vertical graphical lines I have managed to create a document that is 95% what I need. Unfortunately underneath the bottom most row of every report page there are "extra" hanging vertical lines right above the footer information.

I've seen this mentioned in previous posts but no one offered up any solutions or alternatives.

For my purposes those extra vertical lines are unacceptable. I've also seen replies that mention a method of using calculations to address this problem but never any information on how to do so.

I would think that some sort of calculation that figures out the height of the tallest field/text box (I have some fields that have multiple lines of text and others that are only one line) and adjusts the height of the other column's fields to match would work perfectly. Thus giving you the desired MS Word table effect.

Unfortunately being new to the program (though not all programming or design, just new to Filemaker) I haven't the slightest notion of implementing this kind of solution.

If anyone has any kind of advice for solving this problem it would be greatly appreciated. It would also rescue my project (and my butt).

Thanks and I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!

- j

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This topic is 6120 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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