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[UPDATE] Now taking feature requests...

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We have just reached the one month date for our FileMaker Feature Requests and I have to say the response has been absolutely outstanding.

69 Feature Requests have been posted (plus one from 43 minutes ago when this was posted on the FSA TT).

849 Votes recorded (plus 28 from 43 minutes ago when this was posted on the FSA TT).

All I can say is WOW!

OK, so that isn't all I can say. I do have a little more in me.

It is great to see the enthusiasm with which our members and visitors have shown in this new area of FMPug. While this list does not (and should not) replace the official feature requests page at Filemaker it is refreshing to see how you have all voted for requests by fellow FileMaker users, developers and fanatics!

If you have not stopped by lately we highly recommend you do so you can cast your vote and maybe share that opinion you have (we know you've got one!).

If you have not seen it at all we do forgive you as long as you stop by now and take a peak.

OK, URL time. The direct page to the feature requests is at;


In case it splits, just visit http://www.fmpug.com and then click the FileMaker Feature Requests link either from the navigation panel or the Homepage.

Oh, and FYI the entire list (in fact the majority of FMPug.com) is FileMaker Powered.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements please do let us know.

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One Day Later.

I am absolutely amazed that just one day later we now have 93 Feature Requests (+24 from previous posting) and a staggering 1450 votes (+601 from previous posting)

Your enthusiasm for this topic is evident and I am very pleased to say the FileMaker database is handling this surge of records in its stride.

This evening we have added some new "features" to the Feature Requests section for FMPug members.

If you log in ahead of voting your votes will be recorded and tied to your account. This will enable you to see which requests you have already voted on. You will also be able to vote "Not Interested" on any Feature Request that does not excite you or you can not see the benefit in.

Once you have items marked you will then be able to remove those from the list, thus freeing up your focus on only those new requests.

Come on and stop by...your requests and votes are important.

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